Shackleton Crossing Map


This double-sided map features South Georgia on one side and The Shackleton Crossing route on the reverse. It includes the locations of abandoned whaling stations and background notes about South Georgia and its history, and a brief encounter of Shackleton’s crossing.

Side A: Shows topographic information including: coastline and offshore rocks; bathymetry; rock exposure and moraine; elevation information such as contours and selected mountain summit heights; place names; scientific research stations and abandoned whaling stations.

Side B: Covers the route which Sir Ernest Shackleton took on the first ever crossing of South Georgia in 1916 and which is followed by many intrepid explorers today. This 1:40 000 scale map has detailed topographic data created from vhr satellite imagery, with 1:25 000 scale insets of key areas. A cross section of the route is also shown.

The map is printed on water-resistant paper and the folded version comes in a card cover.

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