Shackleton at South Georgia centenary edition by Robert Burton


Robert Burton has delved into firsthand accounts of Shackleton's three visits to the island, as recorded in diaries and newspaper reports, to reinterpret and develop this much told story.
A special centenary edition of the Shackleton booklet with a foreword by the Hon. Alexandra Shackleton, tells the story of one of Britain's most heroic figures and his connection with the remote island of South Georgia, Shackleton's Gateway to the Antarctic.
Robert Burton has extensive experience of South Georgia and brings his personal interpretation to the much told story. He has delved into firsthand accounts of Shackleton's visits to the island, told in diaries and newspaper reports. Shackleton's famous crossing of the island is re-interpreted by assessing the firsthand accounts by Shackleton and Frank Worsley in the light of recent expeditions following in their footsteps.
All profits from the sale of this booklet will be used to preserve Shackleton's heritage on South Georgia.
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