C A Larsen: Explorer, Whaler, Family Man

The story of Captain Carl Anton Larsen - the unknown polar explorer!

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by Beau Riffenburgh (edited by Geir O Klover)

Captain Carl Anton Larsen was an explorer who found previously undiscovered lands and bodies of ice in the Weddell Sea region. He was a contributor to science, who made key discoveries and observations and later donated valuable scientific collections to a number of Norwegian and Swedish museums.  He was a leader, who fought against the odds to keep his men alive when Antarctic sank then made a daring open-boat journey to save them.  He was a pioneer and a visionary but his story has been mostly forgotten!

Antarctic history is full of bold, daring men who explorer new places - like Amundsen, Scott or Shackleton - but there is no other figure in the history of the Antarctic who did so many significant things ou successfully as Captain Larsen.  This book tells his story.

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